Why Advocare?

First, FYI, if you fill in the contact box, you will get an email from either Alecemichelle@aol.com or mattandalecebuildchampions@gmail.com. Please be sure to check your spam folders. We have heard from several people that they find my response in SPAM. I respond to each and every message! We get several a day and I want you each to know how much it means that you reach out!


Why you ask? Ha! So much to say, so much to type. I will need more Joint Pro if my hands are to survive all of that hunt and pecking. Let me see if I can explain in the quickest and smartest way possible…



Our diets no matter how clean, have huge gaps in them. Food is not what it used to be. Our environment, our food sources and our lack of knowledge has led to the most obese and unhealthy time in history. This needs to change. There are many products that I absolutely adore but I am going to share with you which ones I can not live without!

Let me walk you through my average day….


Wake up, immediately go to the kitchen, get a mixer bottle, ice, water and my SPARK! Spark has replaced all caffeine for me including my pot of morning coffee. It is my mommy juice, my brain food, my get up and go and it is a requirement, not optional. It provides me with energy, mental focus and honestly, makes me want to start the day. You do not want to bother Mom before I have gulped my SPARK.

spark mon

With that morning spark, I take three CATALYST. Catalyst helps me preserve muscle mass.


I also take the first of my Metabolic Nutrition System packs with my morning spark. Remember me talking about the gaps in our diet earlier? This bad boy fills in the puzzle pieces with optimal supplementation. I switch back and forth between the MNS E which provides more energy, MNS 3 which provides more core nutrition and overall wellness and MNS C which works to curb your appetite and help with weight control.


I wait thirty minutes and then I eat a well balanced breakfast every morning. Breakfast is so important! If I am not snacking on a meat, egg and veggie burrito, I am devouring some steel cut oats with fruit or having my favorite snack which is a Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake. They are ridiculously good. It feels like a cheat. We also have vanilla, berry, chocolate mocha and a vegan version but the chocolate will forever be my favorite. With that breakfast, I take my vitamins from my MNS pack.

Don’t forget to snack!!! I eat like a teenage boy who just ran 30 miles. But, I don’t gain…I maintain. My metabolism needs fuel and so does yours! I like a healthy snack of almonds and fruit or hummus and celery, ect. There are times when I am just too dang busy to snack though! (Being a Mom of five will do that to you!) Insert Pro-20! It is 20 grams of protein in a quick drink that acts as a snack and keeps my body moving. Good stuff!


Ok, half way through the day! If it’s a crazy one, you will find me pouring another spark. I always change it up! I had fruit punch Spark for breakfast so I might have Mango-strawberry Spark Later. I take my second pack of gap filling, puzzle finishing, awesome sauce supplements and then thirty minutes later, I eat a healthy lunch. You are starting to get the picture aren’t you? I LOVE ADVOCARE.

Snack, yada yada yada, dinner…healthy and delicious ( see my 24 recipes for 24 days page) , snack later…probably from my Desserts page and then before I go to bed, OMEGAPLEX. Best supplement EVER. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory and lubricant and it also makes my skin, nails and hair pretty so yeah..not going to miss a night of taking it!

Of course there are many other products I love. Matt and I both do a complete 24 Day Challenge every 90 Days. The bars (ALL OF THEM) are delish and so good for you. Perfect snacks! Matt consumes pretty much every single product in the PERFORMANCE Elite line. My kids take Champs chewable vitamins…. the list goes on and on. My advice is that if you are new to Advocare, send me a message below in the contact and I will help you design a program that works for YOU.

So, the proof is in the pudding right? Here you go… First me. Down 34 pounds, 22 inches. Went from a size 8 to a size 2. Did I mention that I have 5 kids and I am almost 42? Best shape of my life.

before and after

Wowsers right?

before and after alece2

Me again, my hair better too.

tran6Are those abs?got

And of course, there is my stud husband, love of my life and the best partner a girl could ask for….CUTE TOO!

no limitsmatt



Peace, Love and Advocare….


Any questions?

3 thoughts on “Why Advocare?

  1. Thank you .. I did 24 challenge but then I slipped back into bad habits of eating and needed some support and get up and go.. Which I got from you ! Thanks again I so needed it


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