Celebrating Success Stories

” I have always been athletic. As you can see from the before picture, I was doing triathlons before starting Advocare products. Adding in the Elite Performance Line, I was able to drop 40 pounds, gain 15 pounds in muscle, take almost 15 minutes off my half marathon time, 25 minutes off my full marathon and compete in a half IronMan. These products and this business have changed my life. I am stronger, healthier and able to completely change my lifestyle and set a better example for my children. My three favorite products are:

1.) Arginine Extreme – Fires me up before a workout and powers me through

2.) Vo2 Prime Bars – They taste incredible and a perfect pre-workout snack

3.) Omegaplex. – helps with joint pain and recovery and replaces bad fat with good.

After having amazing results with the products, I signed up as a discount customer and I started sharing them with friends. We now have a plan B income with Advocare and have already brought my wife home full time after replacing her income. Advocare has opened so many doors for us both physically and financially. “

~ Matt Pugh



“When I was introduced to Advocare, I was a stressed, over-worked, tired Mom of five. I was about to turn 40, overweight and completely unhealthy. I started my journey with a group of friends. We all completed the 24 Day Challenge. I dropped 16 pounds and 22 inches on the challenge and continued to lose another 16 pounds the following month. I went from a size 8 to a size 2, dropped a total of 32 pounds, 26 inches and GAINED a ton of confidence. I kicked a pot of coffee and six soda a day habit and started making healthy choices for myself and my family. Advocare changed my life. I dug my heals in, signed up as a distributor, and got to work sharing product with all of those I loved. I wanted them to feel and look the way I felt and looked. We have been able to change so many lives over the past two years. We have over 400 friends and family who have joined in our love of Advocare. I also have been able to come home as a stay at home Mom for the first time in 22 years to my five beautiful children. This business, these products and this culture is a complete blessing. My favorite products are:

1.) Spark – it helps me get up and go, keeps me focused and gives me energy to keep up with my kids.

2.) Omegaplex – It’s a natural anti-inflammatory and joint lubricant.

3.) Catalyst – It helps me gain lean muscle mass while burning the fat away.

~Alece Pugh

before and after


“In April 2014, my sister approached me about not drinking so much coffee. I insisted she was nuts because if I didn’t have coffee I would suffer from a serious migraine. So, she suggested a drink called Spark. It was a healthy coffee she told me. So I tried hers. It was great!! I loved the way it tasted- and rushed to order some, not even knowing if it was going to provide the energy is was supposed to. Over the next couple hours I realized that I had accomplished a lot! Already excited that I ordered already, I made the decision to sign up as a distributor. Being a distributor I would get 20% off my product. AdvoCare was a health and wellness line and I was saving myself money on my Spark monthly. That first summer I co-coached my youngest daughters softball team. I would go to the park, play outside with my little ones. I have been a more active, hands-on Mom. I loved every minute of it!! My family and friends started noticing the difference and asked what I was doing. I focused on changing my life and becoming a healthier mom- with a healthier family. I quit smoking(which I had done for years), I started running(which I never thought I would be able to do), I joined a gym and began grocery shopping different. My family didn’t even notice the changes I implemented at first. And they ate everything I made! And I have continued to make changes for my family and myself every day. I love where my life is right now! My everyday consists of Spark, Catslyst, and Muscle Gain-among so many others. Just in one year of being in this amazing company, I have made $1500 monthly and am on track to pin Gold. I love that I said yes to AdvoCare, and I love the journey I am taking with my family! There are no limits anymore! My three favorite products are:

1.) Spark for the reasons I listed above

2.) Catalyst – gives me the extra spunk I need to feel awesome and helps tone me.

3.) Muscle Gain –  I love it because I can add it to just about anything knowing I get the extra protein and feeling full.”

~ Robyn Harrison



Advocare has given me life back. I’m healthier, happier, and all around a better person for it. Before I said yes, I was working night shift and slamming any brand of energy drink I could find, sometimes almost 6 a day! My girlfriend Jen told me to try Spark, and naturally I was skeptical thinking it was just another scam. I tried it, and was hooked! I slowly added more and more products as the time went on, each one showing me more reasons why I love the brand. I jumped on board finally to be a distributor to get the discount (because who doesn’t love a good discount) and before I knew it-I was helping so many other people without even truly trying. From the start, I have gone from a size 12 to a size 4. My daily routine has me fired up all the time, and my 3 go to’s on any given day
1) Spark (because if i don’t have this, I might as well start over, I don’t have any crash and feel the long lasting energy)
2.) Catalyst -(because it does what it says -tones me up and down, who wouldn’t want killer arms and extra energy?!)
3.) Meal Replacement Shakes (because as a nurse and mama, my mornings are VERY busy, and those little treats give me everything I need for my breakfast keeping me full longer and they taste great).
I am able to wake up early, be the best nurse I know how, go home and take care of my two rambunctious boys, spend time with my husband, and end the day on my terms without the hesitation of feeling “worn out”. I’ve come a long way personally, and met the most amazing new people who I can truly call FRIENDS in this company, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. In the past year of being a distributor, I have been blessed to make almost $1800 a month and I know the sky is the limit for me. What would that kind of
 money do for you or your family?! I’m truly grateful for the opportunity Advocare has given me and I know I’m nowhere near done in this journey!
~Nicole Harris
“When Advocare found us, we were working long hours, VERY tired, always behind on bills, and my husband and I were always passing each other by the front door each night to and from work.  We worked completely different schedules, and our marriage seemed like a blur.  On top of that, we had a beautiful baby girl who was learning to run before she could walk.  We had heard of Advocare through several friends, but never really listened until Alece spoke to us and shared her precious Spark.  We immediately became distributors after learning of the income opportunity, and started on a variety of products.  Most importantly, the 24 day challenge.  I suffered from an auto immune disorder, Crohns disease, my entire adult life.  I was eating processed foods, drinking soda, and didn’t realize what I was doing to my body until I did the challenge. During the challenge I stopped drinking alcohol and dairy, and stopped eating gluten.   I lost 10lbs and , get this, 20 inches…yes…20 inches of swollen body mass from my hips, arms, legs, and neck!   I had amazing energy to keep up with our busy family.  And as a bonus, no symptoms from Crohn’s disease. I ended up losing a total of 20 lbs!!!!  We saw the vision, and made it to Advisor as quickly as possible so that we could reap the benefits of the 40% discount on products AND potentially earn money 5 different ways!  We are still working our way to pinning Silver, but plan to do so before Christmas 2015.  We couldn’t have done what we have without the help of our friend, Alece, and these amazing products that have been introduced to us.  Our favorite products are:
1.) Spark:  no brainer.  Without this energy and mental focus, we could not function.
2.) Clear Mood:  I also took this during my challenge.  I suffer from “Hangry-ness”.  Even though you certainly are NOT starving yourself on the 24 day challenge, you are, however, changing lifetime bad habits.  This product helps take the edge off.  This is a staple product in our house.  We WILL NOT GO WITHOUT IT!!!
3.) Nighttime Recovery –  Simply put, a great product to use when you are working out.  Helps your muscles recover after a strenuous workout so you don’t get “noodle leg” the morning after leg day.”
~ Morgan Richardson
“Before AdvoCare, I was an overweight, stressed, coffee-addict w/ high blood pressure/acid reflux/insomnia…not good for a thirty-something wife and mother. After I heard about AdvoCare, I decided to try the 24 Day Challenge. Over the course of 24 days, I lost 11.8 and 16 total inches!!! By day 50, I was down 17lbs. I’ve gone on to lose 26lbs and 21″, have significantly lowered my dosages of all prescription medications, and I’m still going!!
   As a side note, my husband is a personal trainer, strongman competitor, and power lifter. He was very skeptical of all of this, but now makes sure his products get ordered when mine do!
My top 3:
1. )Meal Replacement Shakes: they take the thinking out of my morning. I add various things (fruit, ice, almond milk, chia seeds, flax, cinnamon etc…) so I don’t get bored. I LOVE them!
2. )Slim: You pour this fabulousness into a bottle of water, shake, and enjoy. It is perfect for my late afternoon hangry-ness! It fills me up and satisfies my sweet tooth!
3. )Crave Check!!! This new little wonder quickly made its way into my top 3! I don’t graze all evening anymore! I take one 30 min before breakfast and one around 4:30 and good to go. It’s also non-thermogenic, so it’s a perfect addition to my current system!
My Husband’s Top 3:
1. )Nighttime Recovery: after all the weight he throws around daily, he needs to allow his body to recover at night to keep him in top form. He sleeps better w/ this product, doesn’t wake up sore, and is ready to hit the ground running at 4am every morning!
2. )Muscle Strength: this is a product he won’t go without! It decreases the necessary recovery time between his workouts and help his body build lean muscle mass. He’s noticed a huge difference in his performance since starting on this product!
3. )O2 Gold: this is just an all-around great product! It helps him to work out longer and more effectively!
~Katie Slater
“When I was introduced to AdvoCare a little over 2 years ago, I was 240lbs and in a size 24 pants. I could not keep up with me kids and going out to do anything physical on weekends with them and my husband was not on top of my list. I came home every day, ate dinner and sat on the couch watching tv. My sister in law started a 24 day challenge that I wanted nothing to do with because i thought I would NEVER lose weight. After seeing her results I ordered my challenge. In 24 days I lost 12lbs and 20 inches. I had energy and felt great,. I signed up as a distributor to continue on products using a discount and went on to lose 70lbs in one year . I also dropped from a size 24 pants to a size 16. I love taking my kids out walking and hiking. We go do things in the evening because I still have energy. I am even taking pictures with them because I am no longer ashamed of my size, My favorite products would be
1.) Crave Check SR because it helps me snack in a timely matter and not over eat any meal.
2.) Thermoplus because it helps give me a little extra boost in the mornings when I am the most busy.
3.) Spark because I kicked my serious coffee addiction and all the sugar that went with it. I now have a healthy option to gaining energy and having it last more than an hour or so, I get through most of my day on one Spark! Through this journey I have also helped so many friends find health, happiness, and debt freedom. We earn about $1200 a month which allows us to pay off debt, not worry about bills, and take our kids special places without worrying about pushing around bills. AdvoCare has truly changed my life in every aspect from becoming a better person, managing finances, and getting healthy for my family.”
~Jennifer Potokar

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