Workout motivation – Lord knows we all need it~


Don’t you wish there was a magic wand? A fat busting, cellulite blasting and muscle toning, glitter filled wand? Dag Nabbit!! There isn’t. Of all the crazy inventions out there, why don’t we have this? Meehhh…Anyways, It’s just going to take some hard work, dedication, will power, faith, supplements and grilled chicken and vegetables. Sorry, I know, that bites. So…here is some motivation. I’m working on a rocking workout playlist. I would love some comments on your favorite songs~ THEY WILL BE ADDED 🙂 You could be a blog celebrity. No, not really…but I still think you should comment with them.

workout motivation 5(Yes, I will kill you)

workout motivation 2

(Yes, It’s true. It may be some inspirational mushy gushy, but it’s true. Just do it.)

workout motivation 3

(I am tired just reading that)

workout motivation 4

(So, let me make it easy. Start there. Or do what floats your boat – Yoga, running, swimming, rollerskating… Just do it)

Peace and Push-ups…


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