If I have learned anything in life, it’s that we constantly transform, sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. Life is a constantly evolving state of affairs. For many years, I just held stagnant. I went with the flow and accepted what life threw at me without any will power to change my circumstances. Was life bad? Not horrible. Was it good? Not really. Just mediocrity at it’s finest. My children have always been my guiding light and the reason that I just kept taking life one day at a time. But, as I have gotten older, I have come to realize that I am doing a disservice to my family, myself and GOD by living in a stagnant state, without any desire to improve. We are better than that! God created us in his image to be great and do great things.

god image

See, we were all created the same. We came in to this world naked and without possessions. The moment we took our first breath, we began our path of life. Our parents, our faith or lack of faith, our surroundings, our friends and our influences have all shaped the person we have become and continue to grow in to as adults. It’s easy to blame your social circumstance, your economic environment, your parents, your bad luck or GOD for your circumstances, but truth be told, some of the worlds greatest leaders have come from nothing. The only person who can make you become something great, is YOU.


I don’t type this to claim that I know all the answers. I struggle. It’s a daily battle. I hope to be 100% transparent mostly because when I put my thoughts in words, I become my own accountability. I will read this post 100 times back and know that I have some SERIOUS improvement to do. So, transparency….My confidence is lacking, my trust in others is…well…complicated. My past clouds my present. Depression is a daily battle and when life smothers me in blessing, my mind tends to unfortunately wonder when the negative will creep in.


I have an amazing life. I have nothing to worry about.

I have a rock star husband who puts all other men to shame…matt and i

He is the most handsome man I have ever laid eyes on. He is the only man who has ever given me complete security and faith in love. He is an amazing father.  He is God loving, has a servant heart and a work ethic stronger than any man I have ever known. He is my rock and don’t tell him nearly enough that he is my world.

I have five beautiful blessings, my children. Scott, Hunter, Gabriel, Hannah and Maddox are the lights of my life.


We have a beautiful home, live in a beautiful town….we have a beautiful life. Unfortunately, I have been cheated on, lied to, abused and mistreated for many years in my past and to be completely honest, it’s hard to rise above that and grasp on to all the positive in my life without doubt creeping back in. You wonder things like, “Do they have an ulterior motive?” or “Why is she being so nice to me?”, or “They must want something” or “Well this is just too good, when is the bomb going to explode”. Ugh…why can’t my brain stop worrying and start accepting that life doesn’t have to be a battle?

I am improving. I have trust issues. I am working on them. I have some amazing friends who have been by my side through my lowest lows and my highest of highs. They have supported me through it all. Kayla Matthews, Kalyn Muller, Jennifer Bryars, Amy York, Meg Roney, Coralie Scott, Jennifer Potokar and Rachel Robinson…Life would not be the same without you.



So, life is about transformation…

I am working on personal growth. I am working to be stronger, strengthen my faith, strengthen my marriage and be the person God created me to be. I have some serious mentors in life who have taught me so much in the past few years. If it were not for our journey in Advocare, you would not be looking at the same Alece and Matt. We have done some serious soul searching, found our purpose, transformed physically and have started building a legacy for our children. Our pastor, Chad Stafford, said in church yesterday “Instead of a Will, some people leave a Won’t for their children”. That will not be us. I am not only talking financial security, I am talking about a mental legacy. The power of knowing they can do anything they put their minds to. An end to a family cycle of addictions, an end to a family cycle of debt and the beginning of a very powerful lineage of brilliant go-getters and world changers. It’s our responsibility as parents to make this change, it’s not optional.



I will close with this: You are the five people you hang out with most. Your circle of influence determines and dictates your actions and your daily life. As I tell my children often:


Find some amazing people to emulate. If you have friends who have an amazing marriage, hang out with them and learn from them. If you have friends who have this whole parenting thing down to a science, spend time with them. If you have friends who have made smart financial decisions and are creating a legacy for generations, learn from them. If you have people in your life that are genuinely happy, follow their lead. We have changed many in our circle of influence and it has done wonders for our life and will for the future generations of our family. We are so far from perfect. I have so much to work on, but at least I am working. Have a blessed day.

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