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big news

Matt and I are SO EXCITED about the additions to the AdvoCare product line and the changes that are coming! A couple weeks ago AdvoCare released the new Flavorless Cleanse and Fiber Drink System!!

Then at Leadership School a BRAND NEW product was announced AND changes to everyone’s favorite product… SPARK!

Spark is new and improved. It now comes in less volume, less calories, less carbohydrates, and still tastes EXACTLY the same and offers the identical effect of long lasting, healthy energy!  So we can get stick packs and new smaller canisters now! You mix both versions with the same amount of water and enjoy the same benefits and great taste! This will be super helpful with travel and portability. Here is a comparison for you:

new spark

So far Pink Lemonade and Mango Strawberry are available in the stick packs and the rest of the flavors are sure to follow! Now we won’t have to pack an extra suitcase when we go on long trips! 😉 The canisters are an even bigger change! They’re about half the size of the normal canisters and can literally fit in a purse! They will be released VERY soon!

The brand new product that AdvoCare has released is called Crave Check SR™! Crave Check SR™ is aninnovative sustained-release tablet that combines non-thermogenic ingredients to promote weight management. This product also supports appetite control by helping to maintain healthy blood glucose levels already within the normal range. Works in conjunction with MNS®, AdvoCare Core™ or as a stand-alone product!


Did I mention you can get all these amazing products at a 20-40% DISCOUNT!? It’s an absolute no-brainer because you get over $58 in product just for enrolling as a wholesale customer at the 20% discount without the worry of monthly fees, auto-ships, monthly minimums to keep your discount, etc. It’s much like a Sam’s Club or Costco membership except you get so much more!

Crave Check SR™ and Spark stick packs weren’t the only big announcements either! Drew Brees hinted to another new product to the DB9 series which we CANNOT wait for AND the SYS Eye Cream now comes in a canister as opposed to a tube making it much easier to use! Check it out:sys blog

There are so many upcoming changes that we can’t wait to hear about! I’m sure there will be much more to come!

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